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The ROPEX Resistron RES-5012 controller utilizes microprocessor technology for sensorless, closed-loop control of impulse heating elements. The ROPEX RES-5012 is designed for simple plug-in system integration.

The use of ROPEX Resistron controls goes beyond impulse heat sealers, form fill machines, and converting equipment. ROPEX Resistron controllers provide a solution for an extensive range of heating applications:

ROPEX Visual® enables you to connect directly to the RES-5011 Resistron controller via Micro-USB, giving you direct access to controller settings and error codes.

  • Ropex RES-5012 Features:

    • PLC interface, complete control via EtherCAT interface (2 x RJ-45)

    • UL file E464680

    • Analog output 0…10 VDC for ACTUAL temperature

    • Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)

    • Automatic secondary voltage and current configuration

    • Automatic phase angle compensation (AUTOCOMP)

    • Automatic frequency adjustment

    • Booster terminal as standard

    • Selectable heatseal band temperature range (up to 500°C)

    • Selectable heatseal band alloy (A20 (Alloy-20), A20L, Low-Ex, etc. ...)

    • Free ROPEX Visual® Windows PC software

  • Ropex RES-5012 Part Numbers:

    • Power Supply 110...480 VAC

    • Ropex Resistron RES-5012/110...480 VAC

    • Ropex Part No. 7501200

  • Ropex Accessories:

    • Line filter: LF-06480, LF-10520, LF20520, LF30520, LF50520

    • Booster: B-075480, B100480

    • Current transformer: PEX-W5

    • Current transformer high busbar: HCB-1

    • Impulse Power Transformer: TR-X

    • Twisted Cable (RES voltage measurement cable): UML

    • High Current Cable (RES current load cables): C-TC

Our engineering team members have a diverse background and extensive industry experience. We offer full engineering support for new applications and upgrades. We will work with you to design a complete system tailored to your application.

Please visit our website www.forceglobal.com to view the full range of ROPEX Resistron controllers, and components.

Or call us directly (414) 507-9378 to discuss your impulse heat-sealing needs.

We look forward to working with you!


New Release RES-5007

PLC interface (Analog), for quick and universal system integration.


New Release RES-5027

PLC interface (Analog), as per RES-5007, with Booster output and Temp OK output.



PROFINET interface... for full function connectivity and integration.



PROBUS interface... for full function connectivity and integration.